Offshore Testing Center (OTC)

Shinetech's Offshore Testing Center (OTC) provides clients with a dedicated team for QA and testing throughout the software development life cycle. Our flexibility and superior understanding of software testing techniques and procedures allow us to easily meet your requirements. We work as a seamless extension of your in-house testing or development team, performing testing/QA for your Agile/Scrum project.

We specialize in:

Manual testing: function testing, UI testing, integration testing, system testing, acceptance testing

Automation testing: performance testing, load testing, unit testing

Mobile application testing: interaction testing, interrupt testing, network testing, installation testing, compatibility testing, localization testing, usability testing

Main features/advantages of OTC

  • Proven expertise in verifying the software itself and validating the whole product development, including whether the requirements make sense, the software is easily usable, the documents are clear to the end user, etc. The testers have an average experience of eight years in testing on different platforms, such as Windows/Mac, Android/iOS devices, and more.
  • QA consultant helps the team focus on the testing process, track the product status and project healthy status, leading to a smooth testing workflow. The consultant has sufficient project experience, excellent communication abilities and a good understanding of cultural differences, which can help build a dedicated test team with tailored QA/testing solutions.
  • Agile methodology is comprehensively adopted during the testing process. The test team gets involved with the project earlier in the development process, when the requirements are defined. The test team then repairs the defects/bugs by priority and severity, and provides the client with the latest, healthy package as soon as possible.
  • Mature mobile testing methods are used on different operating systems, versions, manufacturers and models to ensure the complete functionality, compatibility and robustness of your mobile products. We customize testing strategies for different types of mobile applications to guarantee the mobile application quality in the specified time.
  • Consistent team members enable us to establish a well-defined methodology or process for the client and apply it continuously, which improves speed and efficiency.
  • Multi-level blended structure allows the team size to ramp up or down as necessary to adapt to your testing plan.

For more information about Shinetech OTC service, please email us at or fill in the form below. We will respond within one business day.

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