Mobile Development: iPhone/Android/Windows Phone

With the increasing use of smartphone, various mobile platform have sprung up in the past years, including iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone.


As sales increase, the iPhone is fueling a need for more and more software development. Our team provides iPhone SDK/Android and iPad application development. We can use Xcode to create applications, Dashcode to create web applications or command-line tools if a traditional UNIX-based development environment is preferred.

Windows Phone

Because we have Microsoft-certified developers, we are very experienced in Azure and Rich Internet. With Microsoft-certified developers, we have gained a lot of experience in Azure and Rich Internet applications.

Quote method

The iPhone/Android/Windows Phone development service can be quoted by the time and material model, or we can quote based on your project requirement and collaborate with the client by using the Fixed price model.

Our development covers all fields, including:

Entertainment Travel Business Utilities Sports
Education Social networking Navigation Weather Music
Health & Fitness Books News Medical Lifestyle
Photography Finance

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