Our People & Culture

Our dynamic culture

We believe “Great software starts with great people.” Our people are the most critical component in Shinetech’s delivery capability. By creating a cooperative and inspirational working culture, we motivate our team not only to write code and implement software, but also to find solutions to clients' business problems. Our developers always have the opportunity to challenge themselves and grow and expand their horizons through international assignments.

A dedicated partner

We strive to be more of a partner than a vendor. Partners understand each other; they share a common goal to produce high-quality work and bring value to business, beyond what’s defined in the job requirements. While signed contracts may define the scope and responsibilities of a project, we believe that in the end, success is all about cooperation.

Teamwork across the world

No matter what time zone a client is in, or which language they speak, Shinetech always provides excellent team collaboration. Such collaborations have been the key to success for many Shinetech Offshore Development Centers (ODCs) that have been running as part of our clients' R&D centers or IT departments. Our responsive and friendly approach has helped create long lasting and effective working relationships between our team members and those on the client side.