Partner, Not a Vendor

Partners understand each other, sharing a common goal to produce work of high quality and exceptional value to business development while collaborating to solve problems. The goals of a vendor are to complete what the client defines and rely on a signed contract when problems occur.

  • Shinetech is a partner, not a vendor

    Though there are seemingly unfavorable factors, such as differences of locations, cultures and time zones, Shinetech's commitment is to excellent team collaboration with our partners. Such collaborations have been successful for most of the Shinetech ODCs that have been running as part of our clients' R&D centers or IT departments. Shinetech's friendly approach has enabled our teams to build happy, private relationships with team members on the client side.

    To be an efficient partner, Shinetech also focuses on innovation. Innovation is important because it creates larger value for our clients and helps them directly face and solve business problems.

  • Business-value-driven developers

    No matter what responsibilities we take, such as defining solutions, developing and coding, Shinetech developers are guided to think and perform closely with the clients' business and contribute with their full ability and value. It is important for our developers to know that the software they help developed is adding significantly value to each client's business.

  • Quality guarantee

    During the software development collaboration phase, the cost of the latest iteration will be waived if you are not satisfied with the deliverables. The value of the waiver is limited to two weeks of development costs and you must notify Shinetech within one week of delivery. Refer to the Shinetech contract--Master Services Agreement for more information.

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