ScrumGathering Shanghai 2012 Conference

Date: July 7-9, 2012
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ScrumGathering is originally organized by a non-profitable group “Scrum Alliance” for agile communities to have a better understanding about Scrum. It is held every year in different places of the world. Numerous agile experts and contributors worldwide were attracted to share their skills, experiences and reflections to keep staying ahead. Since landing in 2008, ScrumGathering come to Shanghai, China every year. Now, it becomes a domestic annual gathering from agile community, for Chinese and worldwide agilists.

This year, Scrum Gathering 2012 will be held on July 7-9. Influential people in the Agile community, like Jurgen Appelo, Lyssa Adkins and Craig Larman have confirmed to attend the meeting as the keynote speakers. Let enjoy the excellent tech gathering.

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