Work Can Be Fun 


Shinetech respects and values our employees' independence and creativity and provide an easy and comfortable working environment for them to utilize their talents.

Work hours are flexible, with the option of working from home in certain emergency cases. Shinetech has built a pleasant working environment revolving around effective self-management, ensuring that people enjoy their work. We value teamwork and freely share ideas.

You might be a technical expert, the head of a business unit, the manager of a branch in China or abroad, or the pioneer practitioner of a new development methodology. In Shinetech, there are many possibilities. We are passionate about helping you to achieve your full potential.

Benefits of working for us

At Shinetech, we have strict team structure and roles of leaders and developers, but it only means the difference of responsibilities; leaders find problems and give support or advice when needed, but never orders. We achieve team success by close and mutual collaboration.

You will enjoy the work style here:

  • To receive advices and act voluntarily rather than obey the leader;
  • Keep information transparent rather than conceal it;
  • Be accountable for one's own work rather than under supervision.


Shinetech maintains a library of three thousand volumes, covering history, technologies, memoirs, childcare, literature, and detective stories.

This is where we come to lose ourselves in completely different experiences.

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