At Shinetech, our aim is to develop high-quality software and give developers promising careers in offshore IT outsourcing. We believe the best software is created by people who have exceptional technical capabilities and an innovative consciousness. Shinetech has been able to build a harmonious environment for our people to enjoy both work and life. If you have experience in software development and want to achieve and deliver more value, we would be delighted to hear from you.

  • Work can be fun

    – We provide our team members with an innovative, supportive and flexible working environment.
  • Training

    – Training and continuous improvement programs are an integral part of helping our team members grow. Shinetech provides various types of training options, including technical training, language training, personal development and more.
  • Career development

    – Shinetech provides very competitive compensation packages and opportunities to grow and realize your career goals.
  • Job openings

    – Shinetech branches and development centers are growing quickly in China, North America and Europe, and we are always looking for top talent.
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