With the pace of development in business models and technology in recent times, most companies these days have to balance the costs and benefits associated with replacement versus enhancement within much shorter times frames. Do the business systems need additional functionality to target new markets? Can the existing application portfolio be cost-effectively enhanced? Are the necessary technical maintenance and support skills still readily available? Can the in-house development team cope with the support and maintenance workload alongside their blue-sky projects?

Shinetech's Agile-orientated Offshore Development Centers are designed to integrate with your in-house teams and provide the necessary technical coverage required to extend your business system life cycles.

Our professional and experienced maintenance/enhancement teams are highly cost effective and innovative. We are confident that you will derive significant competitive advantage going forward by engaging our maintenance/enhancement specialists.

Benefits of our maintenance/Enhancement services
  • Specialists guarantee service quality against service-level agreements
  • Deliver cost reductions in a variety of ways
  • Practiced management ensures on-time delivery within budget
  • Avoid staff turnover costs due to in-house developers leaving your organization in search of more challenging projects using newer technologies
  • Motivate your team by liberating them from mundane maintenance/enhancement work and focusing them on new strategic initiatives, maximizing their value to your company

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