Application Development Service

In the past 13 years, Shinetech has accumulated extensive experience in the following areas:

  • ERP development
  • E-commerce development
  • Enterprise applications
  • Reporting systems and data mining
  • Office automation/SharePoint development
  • Booking and reservation systems
  • Mobile applications

Our skilled developers can help you create applications that meet both your business needs and your schedule. We can work with your development team to complete a project, or start from the requirements analysis stage and take responsibility for the whole development cycle all the way to maintenance.

We can also provide technology expertise-most of our developers have been working in their specific software domain for at least four years. We use best practices in software development and we make sure the whole development process is transparent, with frequent deliveries and reviews.

Our expertise

Reservation systems

a. Hotel reservation system development for a Swedish travel company

This is a travel business management system for booking hotels, tickets or any vocation service conveniently. It consists of three parts: WPF application, web help system and reporting system. The hotel owners also can set room discounts/availability in different vacations, and send booking or cancellation notification to the customers.

Technologies used: C#, Visual Studio.NET 2008, Oracle 11g, Smart Client Software Factory

b. Online bar reservation system

An online booking platform where people buy bar tickets, make table reservations and order wines. The bar managers can manage customer orders and check sales reports. The team developed also a mobile application, together with web application, to allow people easily make the reservation anytime using their mobile devices. Customers can also search for the nearest bar through online map and rate the bar.

Technologies used: C#, Html5, Visual Studio .Net 2010, Titanium Studio, MVC3, Nopcommerce, JQuery UI, JQuery Mobile

c. European largest restaurant booking system

It is a complete solution developed for a UK based ISV and widely used by the restaurant industry. The booking system contains a front-end interface for restaurant booking and a back-end management system, which supports multi-languages to serve most European countries. It allows the customers to make table reservation, search location, restaurant name, promotion, etc.

Technologies used: C#, Visual studio 2008/2010, SQL Server 2005, WCF, XML, SOAP, Sliverlight, Nunit

Enterprise management system

a. Online web ERP for SME manufacturers in Finland

The main objective of the software is to provide online ERP solution for small and medium sized manufacturing enterprises. It covers most aspects of the business process, including purchasing module, sales module, warehouse management module, production management and invoice management, etc. The system also integrates multiple popular accounting systems like QuickBook, SageOne, Xero, Visma, along with Excel Pivot reports.

Technologies used: C#, VB.Net, Sql server

b. Enterprise resource management system for energy company

It is a software suite for coordinating resources for power plants construction. Over 4000 staff members in the client’s company utilize the system to manage the whole life cycle of plant building: from material purchase, cost comparison, document approval, supplier assessment, procurement control, to construction configuration etc. During 7+ years of collaboration we have completed more than ten functional modules and integrated the system with over 10 external terminal tools.

c. Chemical materials calculation and management software

The software is mainly used for ingredients/formulations management in the chemical industry. It helps the company conform with the latest European medical and fragrance regulations/criteria. It allows people to analyze the materials property, like toxicity, burning point, storage conditions, etc., This software product has helped the client now extend the market from UK to Germany.

d. Heating service management system for UK social housing energy company

The heating management system supports the client in company operation and engineer management. There are web application, mobile application and client interface. It consists of a web application, mobile application and client interface. It has contact center for handling customer orders, complaints or enquiries. The client also can use mobile app to assign jobs and make check records.

Technologies used: OFBiz,Java,Groovy,jQuery.

Retail and ecommerce solutions

a. Data center support for US retail enterprise

This is a data exchange center to manage and coordinate the retail statistics from chain stores around the world. It is integrated with manifold sub-system, like SAP, AX etc. Shinetech team, consist of 4 developers and 2 testers are responsible for technical problems troubleshooting, periodical system update, automatic data sync, etc.

b. Cloud Application development for a Retail Solutions provider

Our client's products are recognized as an optimal gateway to handle retail accounting and merchandising on any PC-based hardware platform. They wanted to upgrade the product and create a cloud based solution. The new product developed by Shinetech offers a complete set of functions for end-to-end retail management in a hybrid cloud environment. Available for smartphones, tablets and PCs, the product allows users to process key transactions on any device, anytime and anywhere.

Technologies involved: .NET MVC, Web Apps, Winform

c. US Fashion Footwear Retail e-Commerce

Client wanted to promote 24/7 customer access to their products and have a reliable sales channel to increase its reach globally through effective but inexpensive marketing. An e-commerce website was the most suitable option. Shinetech was chosen as its partner to build their online storefront. The site should have attractive features to gain and retain customers and easy functionality to satisfy the needs of end users.

Benefits realized:

  • Time-to-market of new products was dramatically cut down and sales opportunities of the client were significantly increased.
  • An extensive increase in customers' satisfaction.
  • A reliable and easy-maintenance system.
  • Development and maintenance cost had been slashed.
  • Dynamic & database-driven management of the storefront

Technologies used: after performing an in-depth e-commerce requirement analysis with the client, Shinetech recommended a framework and methodology. We executed RUP development and adopted MVC design pattern. The framework involved Struts, DOM4J, JDBC, iText, JavaScript and XML

d. e-Commerce Site based on Ajax Technology

This client desired a web product that consolidates users shopping services such as gift card purchase, exchange, and management, coupons and offers and product advertising information. For the first development phase of the project the following parts were required: Public pages, Search-function, Mailbox and Intelligent Wallet.

Technologies used: Ajax - Javascript, HTML, XML

Electronic document management systems

a. Documents management software for US companies

This document management software helps various US companies, including real estate companies, medical organizations,government departments ,to process and manage a large volume of documents. Main features include:

  • Documents scanning/achieving from paper to electronic copies
  • Electronic documents uploading and backup
  • Documents searching and downloading

Technologies used: Visual Studio .Net 2008, XML, VB, MVC,WPF,WCF,SQL Server reporting service

b. Electronic documents conversion software

The software is aim to convert company paper documents into electronic documents, ensure an orderly and secure documentation management.

  • Paper document scanning, indexing, transmitting
  • Document lifecycle management through PC, computer, iPad
  • User authentication control
  • Print and syncing documents

Logistics software

a. Marine transportation management system to improve the shipping efficiency

The ship management system is used to arrange ship orders and dates. When the users have the shipping needs, he can search for the suitable vessels, submit quotes and handle theinvoices. The system also supports the email communication and automatic email achieves.

Technologies used: MVC 3,jQuery, Entity framework, Twitter Bootstrap, AspPDF

b. Cargo management system for a global logistics company

From the system, the client manages the customer relationship and cargo data. It provides service to both internal staffs and external agents/shippers. They can create new order, make bookings, manage purchase orders, etc.

Technologies used: ASP.NET MVC + Entity Framework; SQL Server 2008 R2

Real estate management systems

a. House searching and leasing website

The real estate system is a trading information platform for estate agency and people who want to buy houses. Main features are:

  • Property custom search
  • Google map & house picture demonstration
  • House buying and selling
  • Customer email notification

b. Property management software for real-estate agents

The real estate agents use the system to manage customer information and property requests. Tenants can send emails to request the property they are interested, and received the scheduling information, like address, time.

  • SMS/email house appointment
  • House application
  • House scheduling management and reports

c. Real estate CRM system for AU agents

Nearly three thousand estate agents are using the CRM system to manage the property information and customer information. Main features are:

  • House information search and match
  • Regular email/SMS property information
  • iPad app to record house/customer information onsite

Medical/Healthcare management systems

a. Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Development

Our client was an influential healthcare solutions provider for small to mid-size practices in the US since 1994. Following federal criteria, they decided to develop and customize a new EMR system. Shinetech analyzed the client's requirements and EMR prototype, and our development team chose some high priority modules to start the development.

The EMR manages information within a practice, along with other data for providers who are outside the practice. The product can seamlessly exchange data with other EMRs through the HL7 protocol. The presentation of the EMR software can be customized by users to fit their preference and requirements. The patient's progress notes can be created and modified with ease—efficiency and transparency have improved dramatically.

Technology: Microsoft .NET 3.5, Linq To Sql, DevExpress

b. Clinic management system for US dental office

The system is to help the clinic handle the patients’ medical complains, manage the medical insurance, and provide clinic staff professional skills trainings.

Technologies used: MVC4, Entity Framework, Autofac, Jquery, Mysql, Quickbook, Docusign, Google calendar API

c. Patient Information Management System

Our client was a leader in technology-enabled health navigation services aimed at assisting seniors. They sought a company that could work with them for 3-6 months to assist in completing a critical patient information management system project.

The previous software was quite simple—it allowed a user to log in and perform simple information management and task management. New functionality was needed, such as data management, data sheets, therapy flow management, dashboard, API and user authorities The product also needed to provide a wide range of data sheets (hundreds) based on large amounts of data so users could analyze it and make decisions.

So far this project has expanded to a 3 year co-operation on number of new developments. Technologies: Asp.Net 3.5, SQL Server 2008, DevExpress Components and Ajax

c. Telemedicine/Sensor-Management

Our client required a patient-doctor communication platform that could be used in different IT environments, as well as run on several different mobile platforms and operating systems.

Shinetech built a solution that included not only an operating system and a device-agnostic solution for patient-doctor communication in telemedicine, but also allowed video and audio conversations and conferences. It was built to run on regular systems, but also in kiosk environments. This solution was built as an All-Microsoft (e.g. .NET) solution, except for platforms that were not directly open to Microsoft products (iOS). E-Commerce and self-service applications followed after the initial service was built and delivered.

Shinetech has also been involved in projects to create a sensor-management solution, a donation-solution and various product-presentation-solutions for the same client. If you are interested in our application development service, and want to get a quote for your own project, please fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

If you are interested in our application development service, and want to get a quote for your own project, please fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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