Shinetech Principles

Shinetech offers premium software development and strategy expertise to worldwide companies. Our principle is to create collaborative relationships with the clients in offshore outsourcing, and provide them with tremendous values in business.

  • Trust

    As a trusted long-term development partner to numerous global customers, we bring agility, honesty, trust and innovation to every project.

  • Value

    Because Agile practices are a part of our company culture, our teams are continually focused on delivering true business value to our customers.

  • Honesty

    Honesty is very important to our organization. The understanding and trust we have built in the company are heavily based on this principle. Honesty raises work efficiency and quality and allows for open communication.

  • Change

    Here at Shinetech we embrace change. We are always innovating and moving forward with challenges that are part of any project.


Our vision is to become the global application outsourcing provider of choice by investing in advanced development methodologies, technology and providing business solutions that reduce operational costs and risks.


The mission of Shinetech is to create true business value by providing the skills and methods necessary to improve the success rate of enterprise projects, reducing costs, and creating greater alignment between systems and business users.

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